Petra Cortright’s core practice is the creation and distribution of digital and physical images using consumer or corporate softwares. She became renowned for making self-portrait videos that use her computer’s webcam and default effects tools, which she would then upload to YouTube and caption with spam text. Cortright’s paintings on aluminum, linen, paper, or acrylic are created in Photoshop using painting software and appropriated images, icons, and marks. The digital files are endlessly modifiable, but at a “decisive moment” they are translated into two-dimensional objects. They become finite, yet their range of motifs and marks, and their disorienting perspectives and dimensions suggest dynamic change. Cortright lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She studied Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design, The New School, New York, NY (2008) and the California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA (2004).

Selected exhibitions include: "Electronic Superhighway,” Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK (2016); The Metabolic Age, MALBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina; "On YouTube. Kunst und Playlists aus 10 Jahren,“ Kunsthaus Langenthal, Switzerland; "Im Inneren der Stadt," Künstlerhaus Bremen, Germany; Ural Industrial Biennial, Ekaterinberg, Russia (2017); “I Was Raised On the Internet,” MCA Chicago (2018); “The Body Electric,” Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2019); "Pale Coil Cold Angel," Nahmad Projects, London (solo, 2018); 1301PE, Los Angeles; City Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand (both solo, 2017); Carl Kostyál, London, UK (solo, 2016); Ever Gold [Projects], San Francisco (solo, 2018 and 2016); Depart Foundation, Los Angeles (solo, 2015); Foxy Production, New York, NY (solo, 2017 and 2015); Société, Berlin, Germany (solo, 2014 and 2016); Frieze Film, Frieze London, UK; 12th Bienniale de Lyon, France (both 2013); Preteen Gallery, Mexico DF (solo, 2011), and the Venice Bienniale (2009). Her works are in the permanent collections of the Péréz Museum (Miami), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), the Moderna Museet (Stockholm), the MOTI (Breda) in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the Kadist Foundation (San Francisco), the BAMPFA (Berkeley), and the San Jose Museum of Art.


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Exhibitions with Ever Gold [Projects]:

Petra Cortright
lambergani lambirgini lamborghini lambourgini
January 10 – March 24, 2018

Petra Cortright and Petra Collins
ALAC, Los Angeles
January 25 – 29, 2017

Petra Cortright
Zero-Day Darling
May 13 – July 16, 2016



Petra Cortright
JDHaypowreport_UN_teter@null_testosterone_prices.docx, 2016
Digital painting on anodized aluminum
72 x 47 inches


Petra Cortright
Tale of two city note “take no prisoner”, 2017
Digital painting on Sunset Hot Press Rag paper
48 x 94 inches


Petra Cortright
“how to” “salt water” i don’t wanna miss a thing, 2017
Digital painting on gloss paper
40 x 79 inches


Petra Cortright
*smallest soldier pics* on pennies during showfall, 2017
Digital painting on anodized aluminum
48 x 94 inches


Petra Cortright
Needacup&_nEncor@dxr24bizarre–>fisterz, 2016
Digital painting on Belgian linen
47.5 x 78.63 inches



Petra Cortright DSBfat-fuckersAZPadded”mikrofon-mikrokontrollerz”.pcXM , 2016. Digital painting on raw Belgian linen, 47 x 92 in. unique

Petra Cortright
DSBfat-fuckersAZPadded”mikrofon-mikrokontrollerz”.pcXM, 2016
Digital painting on raw Belgium linen
47 x 92 inches



Petra Cortright Kollapsed_backup[assidom]astalavista_astala-vista.bbb, 2016 Digital painting on raw Belgian linen 30.5 x 60 inches. unique

Petra Cortright
Kollapsed_backup[assidom]astalavista_astala-vista.bbb, 2016
Digital painting on raw Belgian linen
30.5 x 60 inches


Petra Cortright, deicideCHEMICAL_records.tbl, 2015. Digital painting on raw Belgian linen, 47 x 92.5 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Ever Gold [Projects].

Petra Cortright
deicideCHEMICAL_records.tbl, 2015
Digital painting on raw Belgian linen
47 x 92.5 inches



1872HRPR’SWKLLPHNTRPBLCNS_failsafes.SAB 2016 Digital painting on Sunset Hot Press Rag paper 60 x 40 in unique

Petra Cortright
Digital painting on Sunset Hot Press Rag paper
60 x 40 inches




Petra Cortright
Bridal Shower, 2013
Webcam video
1 minute 57 seconds


Petra Cortright
ggcciiggccii.moviimovi, 2012
Webcam video
2 minutes 25 seconds






Born 1986, Santa Barbara, CA
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA



BFA, Parsons School of Design, The New School (New York, NY)

BFA, California College of the Arts (San Francisco, CA)



Solo Exhibitions

Petra Cortright at Société (Berlin, Germany (forthcoming)
PALE COIL COLD ANGEL at Nahmad Projects (London, UK)
CAM WORLS at UTA Artist Space (Los Angeles, CA)
lambergani lambirgini lamborghini lambourgini at Ever Gold [Projects] (San Francisco, CA)

human sheep brain “alice in wonderland” Americana at Foxy Production (New York, NY)
RUNNING NEO-GEO GAMES UNDER MAME at City Gallery (Wellington, New Zealand)
RUNNING NEO-GEO GAMES UNDER MAME at Tristian Koenig (Melbourne, Australia)
quack doctor violet “saltwater fish” at 1301PE (Los Angeles CA)

DIE ROSE at Société (Berlin, Germany)
Octopus 16: Antiques Roadshow at Gertrude Contemporary (Melbourne, Australia)
Zero-Day Darling at Ever Gold [Projects] (San Francisco, CA)

NIKI, LUCY, LOLA, VIOLA at Depart Foundation (Los Angeles, CA) (cat.)
Ily at Foxy Production (New York, NY)

PETWELT at Société (Berlin, Germany)
Petra Cortright at Carl Kostyal (Stockholm, Sweden)
ASMR at MAMA (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Family State of Mind, with Ed Fornieles at Gallerie Chez Valentin (Paris, France)

✖✗✘ BLank BLANk bLANk •・∘ at Steve Turner Contemporary (Los Angeles, CA)

VICKY DEEP IN SPRING VALLEY at Club Midnight (Berlin, Germany)
Void Mastery / Blank Control at The Composing Rooms: The Green Room (London, UK)
Video Syrup, curated by Maggie Lee at Spectacle Theater (Brooklyn, NY)

Beholder at Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh (Scotland)
SO WET at Preteen Gallery (Mexico City, Mexico)
Lesbian Kiss Episode at Planet Ummo, Project Space (Mexico City, Mexico)

It Takes Strength to be Gentle and Kind at GLORIAMARIA Gallery (Milan, Italy)
Avatar 4D curated by JstChillin at NOMA Gallery (San Francisco, CA)

Show #20: Peter Barrickman + Petra Cortright at And/ Or Gallery (Dallas, TX)



Two Person Exhibitions
Petra Cortright and Marc Horowitz at BANK Gallery (Shanghai, China)



Selected Group Exhibitions

The Body Electric, organized by Pavel S. Pyś at Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN) (forthcoming)

I Was Raised on the Internet, organized by Omar Kholeif with Nina Wexelblatt and Jared Quinton at MCA (Chicago, IL)

4th Ural Industrial Biennial Of Contemporary Art, curated by João Ribas in Ekaterinburg and other cities of the Ural region (Russia)
The Coverly Set at Sargent’s Daughters (New York, NY)
Web 2.0, organized by Paul Slocum and Thierry Tilquin at Senne (Brussels, Belgium)

Shift, Stretch, Expand: Everyday Transformations at Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA)
Chatham Square at Foxy Production (New York, NY)
Electronic Superhighway, curated by Omar Kholeif at Whitechapel Gallery (London, UK)

Always-On, curated by Steffen Köhn and Prof. Matthias Krings at the Schule des Sehens at Johannes Gutenberg-University (Mainz, Germany)
Full of Peril and Weirdness: Painting as Universalism, curated by Robin Peckham and Wan Wan Lei at M WOODS (Beijing, China)
The Metabolic Age, curated by Chus Martinez, MALBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Im Inneren der Stadt at Künstlerhaus Bremen (Bremen, Germany)
Normal Reality, curated by Jason Judd, University Galleries of Illinois State University (Normal, IL)
Summertime* at Galerist (Istanbul, Turkey)
On YouTube. Kunst und Playlists aus 10 Jahren at Kunsthaus Langenthal (Langenthal, Switzerland)
Still Moving at The Harold Miossi Gallery at Cuesta College (San Luis Obispo, CA)
PORN TO PIZZA – Domestic Clichés, curated by Tina Sauerländer at DAM Gallery (Berlin, Germany)

Farm to Table, curated by Michael Bell-Smith at Foxy Production (New York, NY)
Fútbol: The Beautiful Game at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles, CA)
Too Soon at Perry Rubenstein Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
Liquid Crystal Palace: Recent Works with Jeremy Blake, curated by Michael Connor and Nate Hitchcock at Honor Fraser Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
The Undulation of Something Faintly Familiar at Anat Egbi (Los Angeles, CA)
Art Post-Internet at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) (Beijing, China)
Material Images at Johannes Vogt (New York, NY)
Full Screen at XPO (Paris, France)
You Might Be a Dog at Lab for Emerging Arts and Performance (LEAP) (Berlin, Germany)
E Vapor 8 at Site Gallery (Sheffield, UK)

Casting a Wide Net at Postmasters (New York, NY)
Paddles On!, curated by Lindsey Howard at Philips (New York, NY)
D at ZweiDrei (Berlin, Germany)
Frieze Film, curated by Nicola Lees and Victoria Brooks at Frieze (London, UK)
Meanwhile…Suddenly and Then at 12th Biennale de Lyon (Lyon, France)
Lonely Girl, curated by Asher Penn at Martos Gallery (New York, NY)
Sneakererotics: Further Material for a Theory of the Young-Girl, curated by Robin Peckham at Edouard Malingue Gallery (Hong Kong, China)
Art Baja Tijuana at Casa GS (Tijuana, Mexico)
Things That Turn Your Brain to Mush at Santa Barbara Contemporary Art Forum (Santa Barbara, CA)


Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles, CA)
Moderna Museet (Stockholm, Sweden)
Stedelijk Museum Breda (Breda, Netherlands) in collaboration with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (Berkeley, CA)
Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, CA)
MCA Chicago (Chicago, IL)
San Jose Museum of Art (San Jose, CA)
Kadist Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
Booth Business School Collection, University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
Péréz Museum (Miami, FL)