[About Zachary Armstrong]

Zachary Armstrong (b. 1984) is an artist who lives and works in Dayton, Ohio. He works primarily in painting, but occasionally in painted sculpture and other media as well. Much of his work can be considered an attempt to recreate the flexibility and innovation of childhood creativity and often the artist samples his own childhood drawings as well as those of friends and family. These motifs are then repeated and expanded, most often in the form of encaustic and oil paintings. Recent solo exhibitions include Zachary Armstrong at GNYP Gallery, Berlin (2017); Zachary Armstrong at Tilton Gallery, New York (2016); Hills and Dales at Feuer/Mesler, New York (2016); and Goodnight Bojangles at Night Gallery, Los Angeles (2015).
Exhibitions with Ever Gold [Projects]:

Zachary Armstrong / NOAH / September 9 – October 21


Noah White Painting #2, 2017. Oil and encaustic on linen in artist frame, 108 x 74 inches.


Installation view, Zachary Armstrong at GNYP Gallery, Berlin, 2017. 


21 Faces, 2017. Oil and encaustic on canvas, 132 x 96 inches.