Ever Gold [Projects]

1275 Minnesota St.

Suite 105

San Francisco, CA, 94107


All inquires please contact is at info@nullevergoldprojects.com

Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12-5pm and by appointment

Instagram: @evergoldprojects


Ever Gold Gallery was founded in January 2009 under the direction of Andrew McClintock in the colorful Tenderloin district of San Francisco as an artist run gallery and project space which transitioned into a commercial gallery space in January 2011.  In January 2016 the gallery was renamed Ever Gold [Projects] with an intended shift away from the commercial gallery model and to allow for longer and more thoughtful exhibitions and projects with a range of emerging and established artists with the intention to again create an alternative space for the arts. We look forward to seeing where this new model will take us as we brace for major changes in the art world, San Francisco, and society in general.

To view all our past exhibitions, events, and projects from 2009-2015 please visit our archived website.


(We do not accept or look at artist submissions . . . . sorry)


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