The Internet Archive and Ever Gold [Projects] are pleased to announce part two of our Bay Area Visual Artist Exhibition Production Relief Grant, an online exhibition featuring the thirty grant finalists.

From June 29 – July 18, the exhibition, featuring one artwork by each artist, will be on view via the Ever Gold [Projects] website.

Miguel Arzabe, Saif Azzuz, Liat Berdugo, Ajit Chauhan, James Chronister, Matthew Craven, Cannon Dill, Serena Elston, Joey Enos, Maria Paz, Casey Gray, Alexander Hernandez, Oliver Hawk Holden, Jeremiah Jenkins, Kyle Lypka/ Tyler Cross, Martin Machado, Rachel Marino, Christopher Martin, Lenworth McIntosh, Masako Miki, Nasim Moghadam, Guy Overfelt, Meryl Pataky, Sofie Ramos, Alexander Rohrig, Joanna Ruckman, Jonathan Runcio, Miriam Stahl, Vanessa Woods, and Jan Wurm.

Hilde Lynn Helphenstein aka Jerry Gogosian (Curator, critic, and @jerrygogosian)
Drew Bennett (Artist and founder of the Facebook art program)
Andrew McClintock (Ever Gold [Projects])
Amir Esfahani (Internet Archive)

The fourth annual Internet Archive artist in residency exhibition, organized in collaboration with Ever Gold [Projects], has been cancelled this year—along with so many other visual art exhibitions in the Bay Area and across the globe. Part of the residency program involves Ever Gold and the Internet Archive providing participating artists with funds to support production costs to create their research project and the artworks they exhibit.

Typically, emerging artists creating a body of work for a solo or two-person exhibition at an art gallery pay for these production costs out of their own pocket, and wait for their dealers to place their finished artworks with collectors, patrons, or institutions to recoup this overhead.

With exhibitions cancelled and art sales slowing down to a crawl, these lost revenues compound for emerging artists who have already invested in production costs for said exhibitions–not to mention, most already being on a thin budget.

As this is a specific problem to practicing emerging artists which the artist in residency program is designed to support—Ever Gold and the Internet Archive have decided to use the funds allocated for this year’s residency program and create a relief grant to support other Bay Area artists with lost and out of pocket exhibition production costs.

This is made possible by additional funding from a Discretionary Award from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation and individual contributions from Roselyne Swig, Bryan Meehan, Justin Shaffer, John Sanger, Sue Kubley, Tina Conway, and Maurice Kanbar, we have raised a total of $30,000 which we will be distributing through thirty $1,000 grants direct to artists who meet the following qualifications.

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